Voluntary Audits

Ensuring your organization’s self-audits are thorough is crucial. It’s essential to verify that project outcomes align with the initial design and resource allocation.

The NGO sector has seen a tremendous increase in new entrants over the past decade, and this growth shows no signs of abating. High-profile NGOs like UNICEF enjoy implicit trust from donors, given their established reputation for self-auditing.

However, for emerging organizations not yet at this level of recognition, earning donor trust can be challenging. Donors are increasingly seeking assurance beyond just your word. Apollo specializes in assisting NGOs like yours to build and maintain this crucial trust with both new and existing donors.

On site field audit

The primary concern for donors:

How effectively is my donation being utilized?

Relying only on photos

This image is courtesy of the Wilde Ganzen Foundation, a renowned NGO with an exceptional track record. While loyal donors trust them implicitly, we recognize the challenge for new supporters. In today’s digital age, a few clicks can create compelling visuals, but images alone aren’t a reliable trust-building tool for the future.

How about certificates?

While there are numerous reputable quality labels and certifications for NGOs, they all share a common limitation: they rely solely on paper-based assessments. It’s important to know that allocating a certain percentage to projects, like building wells, is commendable, but the real question is whether these projects are effectively executed.

On-site field audits

are the final piece of the puzzle

Affordable on-site field audits

We collaborate with local auditors for our annual audits, significantly reducing field audit costs by 35% compared to the industry average. Depending on the complexity and location of your project, we can provide you with a quote on the same day as our complimentary introduction call.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us through your preferred means of communication. We’re here to assist you without any obligation, and we’re always delighted to help.

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