Voluntary Audits

Quality marks and certificates for NGOs are abundant and generally credible, offering a good overview of an NGO’s performance. However, a significant limitation of these quality marks is their focus on paperwork rather than the actual utilization of funds. Rarely do these certifications involve verifying on-ground project outcomes.

This gap highlights the importance of independent, third-party field audits. Apollo excels in conducting comprehensive on-site field audits. Our team personally visits project locations to assess the effectiveness of the work, scrutinize how funds are spent, and ensure alignment with reported communications such as annual reports, project plans, and marketing materials.


On-Site Field Auditor

Guiding Good Intentions

Ensuring Great Outcomes.

Examples of certificate failures

The government merely establishes requirements without conducting inspections. Typically, each country has two or three primary charity certification labels.

In many instances, articles emerge exposing charities that have committed significant errors or even engaged in fraud despite their certification. This is primarily because it’s relatively simple to appear reputable on paper, but the actual outcomes remain uncertain.

For instance, consider the scenario of building wells in Africa. Frequently, charities pledge to construct a specific number of wells but fail to fulfil their commitment, neglecting to provide maintenance training or educate the beneficiary community on their proper use. They often merely capture images and consider the project completed. This clearly constitutes a failed initiative. Only on-site audits can detect this form of donation misuse. 

In another example, several charities have been exposed for manipulating their budget allocations. Most charity certificates stipulate that no more than 20% of funds should be spent on marketing expenses. However, some charities cleverly categorize marketing costs as “awareness and education.” This underscores the limitations of relying solely on annual reports for evaluation.


Benefit of Auditing

The previous section highlighted the benefits of auditing for you, the donor, ensuring the authenticity of a charity’s claims.

Auditing also greatly benefits the NGO. It offers essential feedback, which is where we come in. We focus on providing insights on improvements for future project success. Our goal is to help NGOs optimize their operations and enhance the impact of their projects.

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We conduct audits for NGOs, and our mission is to serve the public. If you have any inquiries regarding our activities or any of our reports, please feel free to contact us.

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